In my photos I like to research identity and the fluidity of it. my photos are usually a combination of different mediums that I use.
I design and create wearable pieces that I add to my ongoing collection of colourful and extravagant, costumes, shoes, accessories and props that i store at my studio.

I like to invite people that intrigue me.
Most of the time they are people who feel attracted to the idea of being someone else for a moment. Maybe because they don’t like themselfs, want to feel empowered, or feel stuck in their identity.
Sometimes they are artists themself, or they just love to be the center of attention and to act out different characters.
In any case they all are very aware of their identity and are in the middle of the search for different perspectives on who they are and who they can be.

When we meet at my studio we experiment, we play.
Everything is purely intuitive.
The model is free to dress up in whatever attracts at my studio.
I create a setting around them and let the model play out a scene that I photograph or film.