Inflated Sculptures /installations out of latex balloons.

The usage of balloons strengthen the duality in the images that I create. I find balloons interesting because they mean festivity and celebration. They have this complete innocent association with happiness.
At the same time there is an sexual undertone present with the balloons. the latex, shapes and softness of the balloons, the balloons feel somewhat fetishistic.
balloons are fleeting and deflating, I can create a sudden world out of nothing and can make it disappear just as easily.
It is a temporarily empty bubble that easily takes up a lot of space, but is actually fragile and ready to pop any second.
Every balloon can only be blown up one by one in order for me to use it as if it is the paint and brushwork to my painting.

What interests me in modelling balloons as an artform is the laboriousness of its poetics, the repetition of the shapes and movements. I see it as artificial nature, I create something new that starts with growth, and when the final form is here, i can experience it while it  slowly dies, until there is nothing left. I see it as a symbol for transience. There is vulnerability in the way it unveils its mortality.

Unfortunately latex balloons are bad for the environment.
I think about this and how I can reduce my pollution. For this reason I only use biodegradable balloons that are manufactured by Sempertex. These balloons are made out of 100% natural latex and there are no artificial additives used.
After a sculpture deflated I take responsibility and pick up every piece of balloons that i used. I never leave air in the balloons so they can’t get lost in nature.
I don’t throw any used balloons in the trash. Instead I collect the deflated balloons until the moment that I have enough in order to create a new sculpture out of the used latex. Like this I want to avoid that the latex will get burned in the process of waste destruction ( what is actually toxic)