Duration: 24 min


Watch the Promo I
Watch the Promo II

03/09/2021 ~ Collectie de Groen for Wentelteefjes during de Arnhemse Uitnacht ~ Arnhem 


09/10/2021 ~ ZIP residency finissage ~ Groningen 

RAVESAFER is a reflection on the endless repetition, and at the same time present uncertainties of the pandemic measures. This is a portrait of our longing and uncontrollable desire for our untroubled freedom, but also raises the question if there even exists such a thing as untroubled freedom. The vicious circle seems inevitable.

RAVESAFER is an intense fever dream about a senseless, absurd game show where the contestant needs to take care of a group of ravers and keep them from collapsing.
However, the ravers unrestrained nature is not the only danger lurking… 

Performers (In order of appearance):
Jens Huls
Bart Brandts Buys
Vivien Ferguson
Caroline Vdw 
Siva Langemaat 
Jord Alrighty
Roos Hagenauw
Klaas Hendrik Hantschel  /  Tim Simons

@ Alter à go performances

Audiovisual technician:
Laurens Dijkstra

Special production support:
Yvonne Zeegers 
Ayala Pavo

ECHO (2019)

Duration: 10 Min.

Grand theatre ~ JongeHartenXCLASH ~ Groningen.


My Therapist told me once: ‘’every time you walk in here with a big smile on your face, energetic, jumping around, seem happy...I worry for you’’

What is confidence? 

Echo is a show about the disconnect between what we communicate in our appearance and what we actually feel. It’s about a thin line between empowerment and loosing grip on your true emotions. Ego’s that blow up when insecurity hits. 
In the form of a clubkid catwalk show ECHO reveals the embodiment of semblance, the power of the diva.

The strongest thing my therapist taught me is the act of confidence: as soon as I started to act confident, I got confident.

What is confidence?

Performers (in order of appearance): 
Wilbert van de Kamp
Michiel Teeuw
Elisha Eliane
Milan Schudel
Thomas Gaasendam
Nina Iggy
Kevin Eduardo Junior Gumbs


Duration: 3.30 Min.

Registration of Livestream performance for @homescreen._  #CAMP


The concept was created out of the idea of what performance art would look like on social media. It was the first months of the pandemic and society was in social isolation at that moment.

Homo Sweet Homo reflects on the idea of social isolation.

The patient gives a lipsync performance, while finding himself in solitary as result of being infected.  
Extravert behaviour is what makes people sick with a new global sickness that spreads, so the extraverts are quarantined. Throughout the video the patient gets sicker, until the point that the sickness takes over control.
The need for attention has become so big that the patient decides to break quarantine and go outside to demand some.

Tim Simons
Anouk van Oranje

ParadigmXOOST NYE stream (2020/2021)

Part I: 4.33 Min.
Part II: 7.30 Min.
Part III: 7.10 Min.

A performance trilogy for ParadigmXOOST NYE stream


part I : TRANCE Watch

part II : LURE Watch

part III : BEAST Watch

A creature is transported into a empty clubspace with only the DJ present.
Although this is the first experience with music, the body immediately starts moving to the rhythm by itself.
The repetition of the beat brings the creature into transcendence. It is not only becoming one with the music, it is becoming the music. It’s mental state is visualised in the transformation of the body. The creature is evolving into a new shape.

Tim Simons

KopjekXOrdevdNacht NYE Stream (2020/2021)

Duration: On and Off for 3 hours.

Stadsschouwburg - Groningen - 2 parts

PART I: Set Tjade Watch

PART II: Set Cyantist Watch

In collaboration with Afra Rijkhoff.

This is a portrait of people who don't know when the party is over.
Afra and Tim play out a variety of clichés that can be found at a rave.
They portray the behaviour of the young raver that is determent to forget about normal life for a moment. 
The performance begins as a celebration but quickly develops into a more cringy image when hiding from reality gets more important than keeping up their happy-go-lucky façade.
They loose all grip on their self awareness and deceptive outward appearance and end up as the embodiment of their struggle.

Afra Rijkhoff
Tim Simons