RAVESAFER is a reflection on the endless repetition, and at the same time present uncertainties of the pandemic measures. This is a portrait of our longing and uncontrollable desire for our untroubled freedom, but also raises the question if there even exists such a thing as untroubled freedom. The vicious circle seems inevitable. 
RAVESAFER is an intense fever dream about a senseless, absurd game show where the contestant needs to take care of a group of ravers and keep them from collapsing. However, the ravers unrestrained nature is not the only danger lurking… 
🦠03/09/2021 ~ +- 22:30 Arnhem // @bardegroen, for @wentelteefjesarnhem during @arnhemseuitnacht 
🦠09/10/2021 ~ Groningen / more info tba. 
🦠Bart Brandts Buys @bartbrandtsbuys 
🦠Klaas Hendrik Hantschel @sm___it 
🦠Jens Huls @jens_huls 
🦠Caroline Vdw @ca_vdw 
🦠Jord Alrighty @hollandsnexttopjord 
🦠Siva Langemaat @sivakleinevriend 
🦠Roos Hagenauw @roosxhanna 
🦠Vivien Ferguson @vivienferguson_ 
🦠 @alteragoperformances
Audiovisual technician: 
🦠Laurens Dijkstra 

Special production support: 
🦠Ayala Pavo @ayala__pavo 🦠Yvonne Zeegers @yvonne.zeegers

 Concept, (art)direction and costumes: